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James Dunne
November 16, 2016

I was recommended to Blake"s Muffler Shop out of desperation on my part. I had the column on my Drill Press crack and nobody wanted to touch the job because it was cast iron. When I got to the muffler shop they explained a few pros and cons but were willing to do it. Then end result was a very satisfactory job and the price was more than reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone for their welding work and I know where I will go if I need any muffler work done.

Sean Suarez
March 01, 2016

I called Blake and right away I knew he had the field of expertise to accommodate my request. I have an Acropovic exhaust that I wanted on my 99 CBR 600 F4. He had no doubts about customizing and installing my new exhaust!! It was done in 1day and I was amazed on his work and price!! My bike sounds wicked and owe it all to Blake and his employees!! Highly recommend Blake for all your Motorcycles exhaust work!! Great work Blake!!! Thanks so much!!

Doug Kelley
November 22, 2015

They were willing to answer all my questions and were helpful to suggest how to improve my trucks reliability in the future. Good work! Also they helped me get my sway bar bolt removed!

Bryan Arnold
October 29, 2012

Ive been dealing with Blake since he took over and have had nothing but great work done and a fair price. I own a auto repair shop and he does all my exhaust work. I would highly recommend his shop for all your exhaust needs. Bryan.

January 20, 2016

They saved me a huge amount of money for no cost. I just bought a car in Hayward and dealership said they would make some repairs before selling it to me. After getting the run around for a month the car was fixed and we picked it up. I drove it to Sacramento and a metal plate fell loose on the undercarriage. My cousin said someone tacked it on with welding device and to take it to a muffler store and have them weld it on stronger. When I get there, they do a massive amount of research on part numbers, vin numbers, asked me what year it was (I was told it was a 2006, turned out it was a 2004) and when they come back ask me if my catalytic converter was recently installed. I said yes, two were and I just bought the car from a used dealership who did work on it to pass smog. Turns out that they illegally installed a converter that doesn't belong to the car to make it pass smog and that in two years if I hadn't known, I'd be paying for new converters to replace their refurbished ones that didn't even belong to the car. These guys told me that I should have them put the correct ones on (or return the car) and if they don't, tell them that I can report them to the CA BAR. Now I am returning the vehicle, getting my money back and taking my business elsewhere. Thank you so much Blake's Muffler Shack for helping me out of future turmoil (literally, lol).

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