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Roxanna Hartman
October 23, 2018

I already reviewed this salon for nails and hair cut. Love Tony for nails and Jenny for hair. Well, yesterday I got my eyebrows dyed. I have very light eyebrows and for years my friends have said "you need color!", but I'm just not good at doing myself with pencil. And I was afraid to try tattooing eyebrows. Jenny suggested applying hair color. I had not thought of a hair dye for my eyebrows. I really like. Jenny did a great job. Natural looking. She waxed and shaped. I am very happy with results. This shop has it all!

Patsy Pruitt
November 22, 2018

I really enjoyed having my haircut here. She did a fabulous job and she was great company!

Ashonda Rice
August 06, 2018

I’ve been getting my nails done and pedicures for over 25 years. You can literally go anywhere, however I like to go to places where the energy and vibes are good. If you’re going to spend a few hours somewhere, why wouldn’t you? ERA Salon is literally a one stop shop. My husband came in yesterday and got the best haircut that he’s had in years, he also got his ear pierced. We are back today for pedicures and waxing for myself. Jenny has wonderful customer service and you can tell she has been in this industry for awhile. I will be back!

Kayla Clark
June 05, 2018

To begin, my pedicure was good and the man that did it was fine but he was really quiet. But then, he did my nails and I asked for a gel french. I was disappointed when he made the shape really odd and oblong and he didn’t ask me if I liked it or even previously what shape I would like. Then, after my nails were finished, they had some bubbles in it and the polish made them look really weird and rather a rounded point. Throughout the whole manicure, there were little bits of fuzz on his fingers and on mine and so when it dried there were a few nails with fuzz stuck in them which was really irritating. Also, the UV lamp they used burned my fingers a little and it was slightly painful each time I reinserted my hand. Then, my sister got her nails done as well and she got a gel color. Hers were good except from the top coat. It was not smooth at all and was very visibly rough. Overall, it seemed as though that the two that did our nails did the bare minimum and showed a lack of care in what they were doing.

Rebecca Mocan
October 30, 2018

Best customer service tony does the best nails in town !!!

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