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5320 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841

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Vape Bunker by Doomsday Gourmet

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5320 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841

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Jaime Walker
December 17, 2018

Best store I've ever had the pleasure to visit. Hands down, not even just best vape store, best store period. The staff was all super friendly and genuine, the vibe is amazing, and they treated us like we were people and not just a potential sale. Definitely going back, and anyone reading this should absolutely check them out. EDIT: I don't know what happened, maybe it's because the people who worked here before all left, but this last trip to Vape Bunker was extremely disappointing. The main guy talking to my husband and me seemed very intent on selling us anything and everything, did not listen to what we were asking for, and came off as very arrogant despite my husband having to correct him on the different products in the store multiple times. I felt bad for the girl working there because she seemed really unhappy, and the second dude did nothing but provide joke commentary to everything and make fun of the girl for not knowing how to change her atomizer properly. The pleasant atmosphere is totally gone, and we left feeling uncomfortable with how pushy the main guy was in trying to sell us stuff we didn't want. Maybe we'll come back in a few more months and try again, but I'm not looking forward to it like I was last time.

David Reese
December 10, 2018

My favorite place to buy vape liquid and accessories. Good prices and loyalty program. Fresh liquid made in house.

Donald Ferguson
September 28, 2018

Always a pleasure going to this store. Staff is friendly and welcoming and prices are fair. They offer loyalty rewards as well. Great experience every time.

Christopher Gregory
November 27, 2018

This place is awesome. They recommended Ice Cold Fizzy Lemonade from Glas and it was just what I was looking for.

Rebecca Martin
November 20, 2018

Best vape shop EVER!!! love their brand of vape juice... great prices... can't beat it!!! And of course a very friendly atmosphere!

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